1. Below you will see a CHOOSE FILES/PHOTO button above the add to cart, you will need to upload a selfie which should show only you in the photo.

2. Once the file has been uploaded you can then click the add to cart, once this has been done you will see a VIEW CART button appear, click this to continue to the next step.

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4. Fill out your personal details and your card details, you will receive a email confirmation that you have paid for your syndicate placement! This is your proof, please keep it somewhere safe on your phone as you will be required to show it from time to time. The email will also have the new gate codes starting 1st May

Kislingbury 2 (Small Lake)

Read the Rules below!


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  • Please shut and lock ALL gates behind you!
  • No excessive cutting of marginal plants
  • Members must be in possession of a current EA Rod License. (We do get EA bailiffs on site you have been warned)
  • The parking of vehicles must be in parking areas provided. Do not leave vehicles behind a swim in fields, do not cause obstruction by parking on roadways, pathways or blocking gateways. (All vehicles left on Kislingbury Lakes Syndicate is at owners own risk)
  • No trees to be cut
  • Do not give gate codes to any non-members
  • No open fires.
  • A maximum of 3 rods to be used.
  • No fixed leads.
  • No moving of fish (unless requested by a Bailiff)
  • Large size unhooking mats must be used (no mat don’t fish)
  • A Large Landing net 42″ Or bigger preferred (no net don’t fish)
  • Please drive slowly and beware of animals and people while on the complex
  • Keep your membership details with you at all times when on the lakes
  • Please take all rubbish home
  • No non-members or guests to be taken to the lakes
  • Baitboats are not allowed on k1, but may be used on k2
  • No drones are to be used
  • When the fish start spawning and until september 1st boilies and pellet only may be fed
  • All nuts are banned (this includes tigers)
  • No DEFECATING on or around the fishery (take it home and dispose of it properly) any member found breaking this rule will face being banned.
  • Please beware of houses and school when going to the toilet
  • The Island swim on K1 is for fishing only stick to designated area, no walking around the island to bait up other swims, Bivvies must be kept out of view.
  • Please note season runs from May 1st through to April 30th